We apologize for not being in contact with you more often. We hope that the content on the Wildfire website, Facebook and the new Remind 101 app has helped with communication along with messages from your kids. We realize that even with those tools (and kids) there are still holes in communication that we would like to resolve.

We would like to have another parent meeting on April 17th during the first church service (9:30 AM-10:30 AM). We would like to discuss the items below.

Left over items from last meeting:

  • Re-written policy for leaders and students
    • Biblical Guidelines and expectations for leaders and students
    • Driving policy for leaders
    • New Release Forms

  • Improve communication
    • Remind 101 application


  • Welcome pack with basic information

New items:

  • We have decided that we would like to attempt a Wildfire mission trip to Honduras in the Winter of 2017. This will be a closed trip with just Wildfire students and adult leadership. We are anxious to hear your feedback to see if we can make this work. Please consider that will would be a life changing trip for your teen and our goal is to change their perspective on the world around them and also to bind them together in friendships that will last a lifetime.


  • Due to the mission’s trip in 2017 we have decided not to attend Creation 2017. This does not mean that Pleasant View will not attend, but it does mean that we (Jonah and Kay) will not be planning and leading the trip. We understand this could mean that Ignite would not be able to go to Creation, if this is a concern to you please discuss it with the Ignite leaders (Alex and Erica).


  • Due to the mission’s trip in the winter of 2017 we will not be having a spring retreat but instead would like to have a retreat in the summer timeframe. We have discussed possibly going for a half-week to Outer Banks, NC for our retreat. Please give this some thought and let’s discuss during the meeting on April 17th.

If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss before the meeting or in private with either Kay or I, please let us know.