Wildfire is getting ready to leave on a mission trip to Honduras and here are all the details you need to know leading up to the trip.

The groups is getting commissioned by Pleasant View Church on February 12th during both services. Please plan to attend if you can make it.

For a detailed schedule for the trip please review this: Honduras Schedule

Within this schedule we also have listed the people responsible for the different activities. All people responsible should be prepared to review the plan Sunday February 12th at Wildfire. We want to make sure that everyone is prepared to do what they are assigned so please make sure you review.

For a detailed packing list please review this: Honduras Packing List

This is our flight itinerary for the trip:
February 18, 2017
Delta Airlines #1697 Depart Washington/Dulles 7:00am Arrive Atlanta 9:00am
Delta Airlines #849 Depart Atlanta 10:10am Arrive Tegucigalpa 12:48pm

February 24, 2017
Delta Airlines #552 Depart Tegucigalpa 2:09pm Arrive Atlanta 6:25pm
Delta Airlines #1201 Depart Atlanta 9:55pm Arrive Washington/Dulles 11:39pm

Every person should have print out of the address to use to fill out the customs form for when we enter Honduras. Please print the address below and put it in with your passport.

Mision Caribe,
San Luis, Ave Culmi #1315
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Here is a link to Mision Caribe’s website for anyone to review: http://caribbeanoutreach.net/

If there are any questions please contact Jonah or Kay.