Ministry Description:

These two Ministries work in conjunction with each other to support the overall focus of the Visitation Ministry. Either by card and / or flowers, the Flower and Card Ministries help to build a bridge between the church and its members both in times of joy as well as in sorrow. Cards and flowers are sent out in times where births occur, baptisms are performed, deaths in immediate families take place and times where encouragement is needed to raise the spirits of one who may be facing hardships within their lives. These are but a few areas where these ministries effect the daily lives of our membership. They provide a means to keep the communication lines open within the church’s fame work and provide a much needed tool in the pastoral care of the church.

How YOU can help/Role of Volunteers (what you would be doing):

The ministry is currently seeking a new leader for this important fellowship tool. The ministry can be run by one person (as it currently is) or could be divided among several. As the leader or member you would be contacted when a need arises and you would then purchase cards or flowers to send to that individual. You would be expected to write a note of encouragement or joy in the card to let that person know they are cared for and unforgotten. This ministry is budgeted for and you would be reimbursed for all ministry related expenses.