Ministry Description:

KidZone’s goal is to provide a child-safe, child-friendly, and developmentally-appropriate environment that encourages learning about God and growing in His Word. KidZone provides a nursery playroom for infants and toddlers up to age 3, and a bible story lesson for children from kindergarten to 5th grade. Lessons can include small group/large group time, worship songs, crafts, activities, a bible story, games, and more! KidZone meets every Sunday for both the 9:30am service and the 11:00am service. KidZone will occasionally hold events on the weekends (such as movie nights, banquets, picnics, etc.) to promote community involvement and fun fellowship for the children

How YOU can help/Role of Volunteers (what you would be doing):

There are various roles in which you can get involved with KidZone. We are always in need of the following:

Nursery helpers: Responsibilities include helping to supervise and care for infants and toddlers in the nursery during the worship service.

Teachers: The teacher is responsible for preparing the big group lesson downstairs for the K-5 group. All materials will be provided for you, including an easy to follow lesson plan, PowerPoint, and game that has already been prepared to go along with the lesson. The teacher usually has a 25-35 minute lesson.

Coaches: A coach is responsible for an individual classroom of children. Responsibilities include greeting children when they first arrive, escorting children to the big group lesson, helping the teacher with any lesson activities, and wrapping up the lesson in their classroom with a 5-10 minute individualized small group time. All small group discussion questions or activities/materials are provided for the coach.

Assistant Coaches: An assistant coach is responsible for aiding the coach with any and all classroom activities. This may include handing out materials, helping with snack time, supervising bathroom breaks, aiding in any problems that may arise, etc.