Ministry Description:

Wildfire is a Youth program for 9th-12th grade youth that meets every Sunday night. Our purpose is to:
Invite, ignite, and involve the Youth of this community with the love of Christ.
Invite: Invite the Youth into a welcoming, fun, non-threatening environment
Ignite: Ignite the Youth on fire for Christ by sharing Christ’s love for them, and by establishing meaningful relationships
Involve: Involve the Youth in a deeper relationship with God through discipling them.

Wildfire usually has an event at the end of each month and lessons the other weeks. Throughout the year we also have retreats and other events outside of the church that may go overnight or over multiple days. Each night we have lessons we usually have a time that is for games, lesson time and we also provide food. Event nights we do a wide variety of things from going go-carting to just playing games at the Church.

Our Core Values are:
Worship God in every aspect of our lives (Psalm 95:6)
Integrity is what our lives will represent; we are who we say we are (Proverbs 10:9)
Lift each other up with our words and actions (Ephesians 4:29)
Disciple students to be in the likeness of Christ (Matthew 28:19)
Find a need and fill it, humbling ourselves to serve others (Matthew 20:28)
In prayer, constantly seek God’s direction (Ephesians 6:18)
Reach out into the World to make an impact (Luke 10:2)
Establish relationships with the students that are Godly and supportive (Proverbs 13:20)

How YOU can help/Role of Volunteers (what you would be doing):

You would be helping in a number of ways depending on your skill set and what you have a passion for. You could be preparing food, planning/playing games, doing lessons, event planning and management amongst other items.