Pleasant View Building Project

Pleasant View is in the process of an exciting new building project. If you have been by the church recently, you can tell things are happening. We have completed phase 1 and phase 2 of this project.  The first stage was our beautiful new parking lot which added much needed parking space. Phase 2  was the large addition to the back of our building which added additional classrooms, new larger nursery and toddler areas, a mother's room, new library and handicap bathrooms. We were ready to begin phase 3, but are now delayed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This phase is going to be a large addition to the front of our building which includes a large new gathering area with coffee bar, elevator and large KidZone area in the lower level.

We realize there are a lot of questions around this building project,

  • Why do we need this addition?
  • How much will it cost and how will we pay for it?
  • What improvements will it include?
  •  Why do the project now?


What the expansion gives us

The new expansion gives us many new areas for important church functions along with many needed updates. Those updates include:

  • New classrooms downstairs for KidZone
  • New large meeting room for KidZone
  • New classrooms upstairs for other classes
  • Handicap Accessibility including handicap bathrooms and elevator
  • Three new rooms for Nursery and a Mother's room
  • New larger library
  • Large Cafe gathering area
  • Covered entrance with easy access


Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the expansion?

 Expand Children’s Area

If you have been to Pleasant View it doesn't take you long to realize the importance of our Kids' program KidZone. KidZone is a vital part of Pleasant View and Pleasant View's vision for the future. KidZone requested more room over 6 years ago to expand their programs and capabilities. The expansion gives KidZone new classrooms and a large new meeting area so they no longer need to use the "Fellowship Hall" (eating area downstairs). This will allow Kidzone to have a dedicated and protected area while allowing the Fellowship Hall to be better utilized as intended for multi-purpose events that require setup.

Enhance the Nursery & Toddler Area
Perhaps our most critical need was for Nursery Space. We had as many as 25 children at a time in the limited space, causing safety concerns.  The expansion out the back includes expanded and improved facilities for infants and toddlers including dedicated bathrooms and mother's room. We now have large separate infant, toddler and preschool rooms.

Provide much needed Handicap Accessibility
The expansion includes features to make the building accessible to those with disabilities. Currently, the building is not considered handicap accessible due to being 2 levels without ramps or an elevator and lacking handicap features. The expansion will include an elevator allowing for easy access to the whole facility. A longer ramp at the main entrance with a roof over the top will also be a major improvement for all. With phase 2 complete, we now have handicap bathrooms on both levels. Being a handicap accessible, comfortable, and secure place of worship for those in our community with disabilities is our goal.

Entrance under Roof
New entrance will include a covered drop-off area to accommodate handicap and older members as well as families with little ones. We also envision greater potential for various events - think valet parking!

Expand Lobby and overflow area with Cafe

Pleasant View has a vision and purpose to be open and welcoming to our community. We want to have an entrance and lobby area that allows us to put those values into action. Phase 3 will include a large entry point and central lobby area. This area will include a check in for KidZone, cafe type gathering room, and a kitchenette area so that light refreshments can be provided including coffee and tea. This area would also be available for use by the members and community for small gatherings like birthday parties or small group gatherings.

Relocate and Enhance Library

The completed phase 2 relocated the library to a more convenient location and updated it with additional space. Our library is heavily used and we want to increase the capabilities for more books, videos, and small group materials.

Improve Building Versatility 

The church building is being used with increasing frequency. The building, and in particular, the fellowship hall is used throughout the week by our own attenders as well as the others from our community. Small groups and ministries meet at the church on a regular basis. With the addition of the new gathering area in the new expansion, our building will offer more opportunities to be used and be available to more people. The facilities and parking will allow multiple bookings at the same time. We also see the potential for greater community outreach with these facilities.

Give more functionality to Youth Group and Ignite

In the same way that the expansion will help KidZone downstairs, Youth Group and Ignite will have more areas to utilize. Again, this will give these youth ministries greater functionality and allow them to do more without having to work around other church activities.

Why do an expansion now?

Favorable Zoning & Building Codes
North Hopewell Township has not adopted the restrictive building codes that other local townships have (e.g. York Twp., Windsor Twp.)
Commercial Re-zoning

Favorable Interest Rate Environment
Borrowing Costs are lower

Lower Commodity Price Environment
Building materials may be priced lower as various commodity inputs have dramatically declined in price.

Aging Facility
Need Handicap Accessibility. The expansion will give the church much needed handicap accessibility. The expansion includes handicap bathrooms, easy access covered entrance and an elevator for access to the lower level.

Growth in New Ministries
All our ministries are growing and could use additional space. KidZone continues to expand and serve as a growth driver of the Pleasant View fellowship. The addition will add a large meeting area for KidZone along with additional classrooms. The expansion will also include a multi-room nursery for different ages and a mother's room for mothers and infants.

What can I do to help?

We would ask that everyone would keep Pleasant View in your prayers. We understand the risks to doing something like this but we believe it is God's will for the Church to proceed with this expansion. The church has been doing and will continue to do fundraising to help with the cost of this project. Please consider contributing to or helping with the fundraisers.

If you are interested in giving to the building project please consider giving a donation by following the link below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jay McWilliams