In the Meantime, Part 5
May 17, 2020

In the Meantime, Part 5

Passage: James 1:1-8
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What do you do when there is nothing you can do? That is the big question we are looking at in this series called “In the Meantime.”  So often when we are in a tough situation where there seems like no way out, we can quit, walk away or just tune it all out. We often think that we will never be happy again or we think that nothing good can come from this. Sometimes we may even think about not trying anymore, that there is no point in continuing with life.  I want to tell you that they are not right thoughts or responses to our “in the meantime” moments of life.

We have looked at many different things from the life of Paul and others in the New Testament. Their lives were full of adversity and persecution but never thought it was odd or blamed God for the situations they were in.  This week we are going to look at a very important word. Believe.  Our text is from the book of James, who was the brother of Jesus. James challenges us to think about adversity differently. Believe!

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