Parenthood – Part 3 – Parenting Is Hard Work
October 17, 2021

Parenthood – Part 3 – Parenting Is Hard Work

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Parenting is hard work. It is so often nothing like we expected. It was to be a perfect marriage, Happy ever after and perfectly delightful children who would adore their parents. And then you get a real dose of reality. Marriage takes work and there must be some madness and wildness on the spouse’s side, because your children cannot be your children. They never sleep. They never stop. They scream and holler. They cannot be human! But they are. And they are overstimulated by a culture that is ripe with sights and sound and visuals on so many devices. And if this is not interesting find a YouTube that is. Parenting in this environment is hard is an understatement. There is so much pressure to look good. To be a picture-perfect family. But we are not perfect are we? We need help and guidance and wisdom and patience and we need to SLEEP.

We are going to turn to the wisdom and insight of scripture. First we will look at the Parent’s Priority. Next we will examine some Unchanging Principles of Parenting. The third week we are going to take a look at Discipline. A bad word in our present day culture, but one that needs to be rediscovered. And the last week we will look at a huge question as our children grow and become adults. Now What? Now What do we do?

I hope you come along on this journey. You will not agree to everything. We are part of this culture. It has changed the way we parent. But it is time to look and see. Is what we are doing raising up generations who love the Lord, or will our children turn their back on the faith that means so much to you? We can make a difference.

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