Ruth – Part 3
June 16, 2024

Ruth – Part 3

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We are continuing in our message series through the Book of Ruth. And today we're going to watch as Boaz and Ruth start to get to know each other, start to date and date in a way that will prepare them for a marriage that will honor God. We're going to talk about dating, we're talking about marriage. I want to start with dating. How many of you would agree that dating can be kind of awkward? Raise your hands. It can be kind of awkward. It's a little bit like a job interview. You're going on a job interview and you're not sure what to wear. You're not sure what to say. Maybe the most difficult part about the date for me always was like, how do you end it? What do you do? You don't want to shake hands. Do you knuckle bump? Do you do the Christian side hug? Do you kiss them on the cheek? How do you end the date, it can be kind of awkward.

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