Ruth – Part 4 – Time to Define the Relationship
June 23, 2024

Ruth – Part 4 – Time to Define the Relationship

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We're going to continue our study through the Book of Ruth today. We are in chapter three, and like I promised you; things are about to get weird. Let's look back and review where we've been.

In case some of you are new, we want to catch you up on the context of the Book of Ruth. If you remember, Ruth was a poor widow who just so happens is what the text says, according to the providence of God. What is the providence of God? That's when God uses natural circumstances to accomplish his supernatural will. She just so happened to work in a field belonging to a godly landowner, a guy named Boaz, a man of standing who asked her on a date. And if we look at the text on their first date, I'm going to read a little bit into it, but it really looked like they connected. They talked for a little while. He offered her more than she needed. The conversation looked good. If I could kind of modernize that, I would say the sparks were flying. He made her laugh. She made him feel special. There was no awkward silence. They started finishing each other's sentences, and they both had butterflies.

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