Ruth – Part 5 – Choosing Your Next Chapter
June 30, 2024

Ruth – Part 5 – Choosing Your Next Chapter

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How many of you have ever seen someone and you've thought, I wish I had a life like that. Have you ever done that? You see someone and they're maybe it's just some part of their life, like you see their life on Instagram, and they've got like 40 billion friends and they're always out having fun and they're playing pickleball together and at a restaurant together and you're looking going, I wish I had friends like that. Or maybe it's someone that has a career that they actually studied for and now they're doing it because you studied for something and you're not doing it and you look on and you go, they're making good money and they're doing something that they enjoy. I wish I had a career like they have. Or it could be a ministry. You look at someone and say, "Wow, they're really making a difference." Or it might be their family. Like they all come into church together and it looks like they like each other. And their Christmas cards just, they're perfect. And you know like, we almost divorced the last time we had our Christmas photos or whatever as you look at that. Or it might even just be a mindset, like you just look at them and they just, they seem contented, they seem just at peace. You look on and you think, I wish I had that. I wish I had what they have.

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