Selfless – Part 4
July 11, 2021

Selfless – Part 4

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I want to bring four messages that'll help us become selfless and more obedient to following Jesus. Because if we want to follow him, it's going to be less about us and more about him. So let me give you our big four themes so you'll know where we're going in the coming weeks. Today what I want to do is I want to talk about being bold in witness, bold in sharing our faith in Christ. I also want to talk about being faithful in service, using our gifts to minister to other people. We'll also talk about being extravagant in generosity. And we'll talk about being grateful in the grind. In other words, instead of God, just do what I want, do what I want, God bless me, make my life better, instead, what if we said this, God use me to reach more people, even if I'm laughed at or ridiculed.

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