The Gift – Part 1
December 5, 2021

The Gift – Part 1

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Gifts bring us closer to one another. A gift is a sign of love and respect, a symbol of intimacy and connection. This weekend, come experience the gift that will lift your spirits, strengthen your relationships, and bring you closer to your Creator.

A good gift has value. We cherish what we’ve been given when we know it comes at a high price or a steep cost. But the most valuable gift of all is already paid for—and it was bought for you.

We treasure hand-picked gifts from those we love. They’re valuable and important because they’re meant just for us. And one gift meant so much that it forever changed the course of history. The story of this gift is one worth sharing.

Every gift tells a story, and there’s no story more captivating than the one that changed the world forever. Come share The Gift with us this holiday season!

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