The One Another – Part 5
October 30, 2022

The One Another – Part 5

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This series is built on all the one another verses in the New Testament. There are a lot. And the reason there is so many is so many is that we need constant reminders of how we are to treat one another.

The series breaks the verse into four main parts that we are directed to. Humility, Unity, Encouragement and Love.

In Jesus, we are family. Family’s have good times, hard times suffering times and more. At time we love each other at times we are not so sure we do. But family, at least in my family so far, family wins. We are family. The family of God on this earth is no different. But we must let the love of Jesus Christ win out. We need to love each others as Jesus has loved us. So, how much has Jesus loved you?

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