The Power To Change – Part 4
February 25, 2024

The Power To Change – Part 4

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Well, when you think about it, nobody plans to mess up their lives. Right? Nobody says, "It's my five-year goal to really screw up my life." But people mess up their lives all the time. And when they mess up their lives, a lot of times, other people look on and will summarize what could be months or even years or decades of unwise decisions. They'll often look on and summarize a whole season of somebody's life in one sentence. They might say, "well, his sex addiction was out of control and his wife left him" or, "man, she started using again and lost her job and eventually her marriage" or, "he always battled with his weight and ended up dying in his mid 5Os of a heart attack".

Nobody plans to mess up their life, but they do it all the time.

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